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Implement the payment flow

Requests and features that are minimally required in a Terminal API integration.

There are a few things that any POS system should be able to do:

  • Make a payment.
  • Issue a refund.
  • Cancel an in-progress payment.

In a Terminal API integration, the above corresponds to implementing a PaymentRequest, a ReversalRequest, and an AbortRequest.

There are three more features that we think should be part of a basic Terminal API integration:

  • Generating receipts.
    The Terminal API PaymentResponse has a dedicated object that you can use for generating receipts that are fully compliant with regulations.
  • Informing us of some details of your integration.
    You can add your application details in your Terminal API PaymentRequest. This enables us to help you more efficiently in case of any issues.
  • Verifying if a payment is still in progress or already completed in case you don't receive a payment response.
    For this you can use the Terminal API TransactionStatusRequest.

With just these six Terminal API features, you have a viable integration.

On top of the basic features there are many more features you could implement, depending on your business needs. For example:

  • In hospitality you may want to add tipping, pay at table, or pre-authorisation and authorisation adjustment.
  • In retail you may want to add cashback, direct currency conversion, or donations.

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