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Transaction data:

merchantReferenceMerchant reference of this transaction.
txdateTransaction date, like (14-8-2018).
txtimeTransaction time, like (09:37:21).

ISO timestamp, like (2018-08-14T09:37:27.0000000+0000).

This field returns time in GMT format.

transactionTypeTransaction type.
posOriginalAmountValueOriginal transaction amount.
posAuthAmountCurrencyTransaction currency (like: EUR).
posAuthAmountValueTransaction amount (like: 100, which is EUR 1.00).

Customer Data:

Field Description
alias Unique PCI safe card alias.
loyaltyData Loyalty data as retrieved from merchant loyalty system.

Digital Customer Recognition data:

Field Description
shopperReference Shopper reference. Minimum length three characters.
shopperEmail Shopper email.

Card Data (including date check for tax free eligibility):

Field Description
AID Full AID, like (A000000004101002).
posEntryMode POS entry mode (like ICC).
applicationLabel Application label.
applicationPreferredName Application preferred name.
cardEffectiveYear Effective year (format: YYYY).
cardEffectiveMonth Effective month (format: MM).
cardBin First six digits of a card number.
cardSummary Last 4 digits of a card number.
cardIssueNumber Card issue number.
tid Terminal id at the acquirer.
cardHolderName Cardholder name.
cardIssuerCountryId Card issuer ISO 3166 country code (like 840).
paymentMethod The scheme of the payment method used, e.g. Visa, Mastercard etc.
paymentMethodVariant The type or sub-brand of payment method used, e.g. Visa Debit, Visa Corporate, etc.
expiryMonth Expiry month, like (02).
expiryYear Expiry year, like (2028).
error_message Textual message that might give additional information in case of failure.

DCC Returned Details

Fields Description
dcc.markup The markup percentage (for example, 300 = 3%).
dcc.commissionfee The commission fee in minor units (for example, 0. Not used currently.).
dcc.exchangerate The exchange rate (for example, 16178 = 1.6178).
dcc.converted.amount.value The amount after conversion (for example, minor units).
dcc.converted.amount.currency The currency after conversion (For example, USD). The original amount in minor units. The original currency (for example, EUR).
dcc.source The exchange rate source.

Signature Data

Field Description
signature.retries.available Number of signature retries available.
signature.mimetype Mime type of the image (like "image/bmp"). Base64 encoded image.