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Make an Alipay or WeChat Pay payment - iOS


Call createSpecialTransactionRequest  on the selected ADYDevice. This creates an ADYSpecialTransactionRequest object.


merchantAccountString-white_check_mark-The merchant account, on which the transaction is processed.
amountNumber-white_check_mark-The amount of the transaction.
currencyString-white_check_mark-The currency of the transaction.
transactionTypeString-white_check_mark-For the wallet transaction, populate with payment.
  • Pass "alipay" for an Alipay transaction.
  • Pass "wechatpay_pos" for WeChat Pay transaction.
merchantReferenceString-white_check_mark-The unique merchant reference for the transaction.
handleReceiptBoolean-white_check_mark-Specifies that the POS handles and prints receipts. If omitted, it is required that the PED prints the receipt. If there is no printer unit, the transaction will fail.

Key-value pair options

Key Value
cardNumber (optional) The scanned number from the Alipay app (to be provided only for Flow 3: Cash register scans Shopper barcode).
forceEntryMode (required) "Keyed"


Implement the ADYTransactionProcessorDelegate, specifically the methods:

  • (void)transactionComplete:(ADYTransactionData*)transaction
  • (void)transactionRequiresPrintedReceipt:(ADYPrintReceiptRequest*)printReceiptRequest