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Get started with the iOS integration

Download and unzip the C library

Use the Adyen test card numbers to test your integration.


  • Install Cocoapods. You will use this to install the dependencies associated with the library. For detailed instructions, visit


  1. Download the software from the Adyen Customer Area (CA).

    Request access to these sections by contacting your integration manager.

    1. Go to In-person payments > Release overview 

    2. Select Libraries.

    3. Download the iOS app and libraries.

  2. Copy the files to the directory where you want to store and run them. 

  3. Unzip the Adyen library, at the same directory level as the source of your POS app, in the following folder structure:

    • YourPOSApp/- source of your POS app

    • AdyenPOSLib/ - library files

      • AdyenToolkit.podspec - Pod spec

      • ios/AdyenToolkit.framework - framework

  4. Open terminal and navigate to your app directory.

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