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Handle transaction state changes


The transactionStateChanged delegate is called when the state of the transaction changes.

This method can be used to reflect the progress in the user-interface.


Name Type Required Description
state  ADYTenderState -white_check_mark- The new transaction-processing state.

Tender states

State Description
ADYTenderStateInitial The initial state where the tender will start from.
ADYTenderStateCreated The state where the tender has been created in the payment device and a transaction is born. From this state onwards, transactions will be recorded in the transaction history, independent of the final state of such transaction.
ADYTenderStateProcessing The state after tender creation where the transaction is in progress.
ADYTenderStateProvideCardDetails The payment device is waiting for the card details to be provided by the App.
ADYTenderStateCardDetailsProvided The payment device has received the provided card details and is processing these.
ADYTenderStateAdditionalDataAvailable Additional data is available and is passed to the App.
ADYTenderStateWaitForAmountAdjustment The payment device is waiting for any tender updates the App might decide to, based upon the information passed to the App in the previous state.
ADYTenderStateReferral The Issuing bank requests a referral (not implemented yet)
ADYTenderStateReferralChecked The authorisation code, as retrieved form the Issuing bank, is sent to the payment device.
ADYTenderStateCheckSignature The signature needs to be recorded/checked.
ADYTenderStateSignatureChecked The signature has been recorded/processed.
ADYTenderStatePrintReceipt The receipt is provided to the App and needs to be processed.
ADYTenderStateReceiptPrinted The receipt has been processed.
ADYTenderStateWaitingForAppSelection The payment method is being selected.
ADYTenderStateAppSelected The payment method has been selected. The selected payment method is passed to the ADYTransactionProcessorDelegate function transactionApplicationSelected:.
ADYTenderStateWaitingForPin The payment device is waiting for the customer to enter their PIN.
ADYTenderStatePinDigitEntered The customer has entered a PIN digit. The total number of digits provided is passed to the ADYTransactionProcessorDelegate function transactionPinDigitEntered:.
ADYTenderStatePinEntered The customer has completed entering their PIN.
ADYTenderStateCardSwiped The customer swiped a payment card through the swipe slot.
ADYTenderStateCardInserted The customer inserted their card into the EMV slot.
ADYTenderStateCardRemoved The customer removed their card from the EMV slot.
ADYTenderStateAskDcc The customer is being asked if Dynamic Currency Conversion should be applied.
ADYTenderStateDccAccepted The customer accepted the Dynamic Currency Conversion.
ADYTenderStateDccRejected The customer rejected Dynamic Currency Conversion

Final States

State Description
ADYTenderStateApproved The transaction has been completed with result: APPROVED
ADYTenderStateDeclined The transaction has been completed with result: DECLINED
ADYTenderStateCancelled The transaction has been completed with result: CANCELLED
ADYTenderStateError The transaction has been completed with result: ERROR
ADYTenderStateUnknown The transaction has been completed with the result: UNKNOWN. To fetch the final state of the transaction, query the payment device for the transaction details by calling - [ADYDevice fetchLastTransactionDataWithCompletion:] or - [ADYDevice fetchTransactionDataWithTenderReference:].

Declaration code example


- (void)transactionStateChanged:(ADYTenderState)state;


optional func transactionStateChanged(_ state: Any!)