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Use case: Refund

Referenced Refund

A referenced refund is based on a prior successful sale transaction, so for this method, pass the original reference for the sale transaction you want to refund. Referenced refunds transfer the funds to the same card as the original transaction. 

  1. The cash register should implement look-up for payment information of the original transaction.
  2. The POS sends RefundRequest to Adyen, by using Adyen's reference (PspReference) for the original transaction. The result from this request is Refund Requested. The final result from the refund is known when Adyen receives capture message for the refund.
  3. The requested refund is performed on the plataforma de pagamentos da Adyen, the result may be REFUND or REFUND_FAILED. The final result is pushed to the merchant backend through notifications.
  4. The merchant's backend should implement notifications server in order to keep the back-office systems up to date with the status of each payment. The merchant's notification server receives the notifications and sends confirmation to Adyen that the notification message is accepted. Update your system with the status received from the notification server.

Unreferenced Refund

Unreferenced or EMV refund is a card present transaction. It is not tied to an original transaction, funds are transferred to the card that is presented on the payment terminal.

  1. When EMV refund is started from the cash register, the Adyen POS library creates a tender on the terminal with tenderType REFUND.
  2. The terminal shows negative amount to be transferred to the presented card.
  3. Unreferenced (EMV) refund requires the shopper to insert or swipe the card on the terminal. Cardholder verification is secured as in a sale transaction.
  4. The terminal sends refund request to plataforma de pagamentos da Adyen, and sends tender result back to the cash register.
  5. The final result from the refund request is received through a notification server.