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End of 3G network coverage

Take steps to manage the impact of 3G network deprecation.

Mobile operators around the world are ending coverage for 3G cellular networks to free up the bandwidth for 4G and other newer technologies. Some payment terminal models only support up to 3G. On those terminals, you will not be able to accept payments when relying on 3G cellular connectivity at the time of transaction.

Here we describe:

Terminals affected

The following terminal models only support cellular connections up to 3G:

The V240m Plus is used only in Brazil. Because mobile operators in Brazil do not intend to end 3G coverage in the near future, currently there is no negative impact of continuing to use this model.

Countries affected

The following list includes countries that have already ended 3G network coverage, or that are planning to do so in the near future.

This list is not definitive. We will add more countries when they announce the end of 2G and 3G coverage.
Do not rely on this list for the latest information, but check the status of the network coverage with your local mobile network operator.

Country 2G coverage 3G coverage
Czech Republic Will end in 2025 Ended
France Will end in 2025 Deprecation started in 2022
Germany Will end in 2025 Ended
Netherlands Check with network operator Deprecation planned for 01/05/2022
Norway Will end in 2025 Ended
UK Will end in 2025 Deprecation started in 2022
USA Will end in 2022 Deprecation started in 2022

Possible solutions

If you use VX690, e285, e285p, or V240m Plus terminal models with 3G, there are several solutions:

  • The affected terminals automatically fall back to the 2G network. In this case, note that:
    • 2G is not available everywhere, and the coverage will also end in the following years.
    • Configuration and software updates of terminals on 2G can take a long time and can get interrupted. However, our Support Team can enable background downloading.
  • Connect the affected terminals to a router with 4G cellular connection. The terminals connect to the router using Wi-Fi.
  • For the e285 terminal model, connect it to a mobile device using Bluetooth tethering.
  • Order new terminals of similar capabilities that support 4G.

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