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Investigate and manage exceptions

Learn how to identify and resolve exceptions as soon as possible.

Identify and manage differences between sales and payments, and unsettled payments by comparing reports.

Discrepancies between sales and payments received/authorized

You may notice a difference between sales and payments that were received and those that were authorised. This can be due to:

  • Different time-zones/currency between reports.
  • Additional payment not recorded or wrong payment method entered (POS).

To account for these differences:

  1. Use the Received payment details and/or the Payment accounting report to obtain a list of transactions for a particular day of sale.
  2. Filter payments with the status 'Authorized', or 'SentForSettle', depending on when you recognize revenue.
  3. Compare both count and total gross value to your sales figures, and filter by merchant-account, store, time of day or payment method in case of discrepancies.

Identify and investigate payments that have not been settled yet

A payment may not be settled because:

  • Adyen has received the funds captured and will settle them with your next MerchantPayout.
  • Adyen has not yet received the funds; this may be in case of foreign cards (which may have a longer settlement time) or particular payment methods.
  • Capture of funds has failed, e.g. because of a technical error.
  • A (partial) payment was not cancelled when the order was cancelled.

To account for these payments:

  1. Review your open balance as reported in the Daily finance/Monthly finance report.
  2. Compare total Settled amount in the Aggregate settlement details report, selecting a duration since the day of sale and summing by the 'Creation date' column) against your own sales report to identify discrepancies/unsettled payments.
  3. Use the Received payment details and Interactive payment accounting reports to match items in the former not yet booked to Settled since the day of sale.
  4. Review the status and log for each payment in the Adyen Customer Area.

Manage exceptional booking items in the Settlement details report

Create a review process for unexpected bookings in the settlement batch (typically bookings such as ManualCorrected, BankInstructionReturned, MiscCosts).

Be aware that a settlement batch may result both in one (or a combination of) multiple MerchantPayout lines, as well as a BalanceTransfer credit/debits (per currency). Balances are carried forward to the next batch for example in case a negative balance or if we are unable to pay out because the bank account is not configured.