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Manually reconcile payments

Reconcile payments manually while waiting to automate your payment reconciliation.

We recommend you automate payment reconciliation, but you can also do this manually using our reports.

Use the following approach:

  1. Validate your sales by summing the Gross Amount (PC) for all Authorised payments in the Payment accounting report.

    You could skip this step if you accept a degree of delay in identifying discrepancies.

  2. Reconcile top-down and manage by exception. For example, first validate the total sales for the company and only review details for individual stores or payment methods if you identify a discrepancy.

  3. Use the Aggregate settlement details report each week/month, and book settled funds against your receivable balance, either on a rolling basis or against a specific sales period (e.g. sales day/week/month).
  4. Check that the total paid by Adyen, over multiple batches, balances your sales total. 
  5. Use the corresponding Received payment detailsPayment accounting reports as well as the Customer Area to investigate discrepancies.

Reconcile balances with the Aggregate settlement details report

The Aggregate settlement details report can be used to both review details of funds received on your bank (against the day of sale) and to review in which batches a day of sale has been settled.

For each Batch Number, check the funds received on your bank account against the MerchantPayout line. The MerchantPayout is the result/total of all other credit and debit mutations in the batch (e.g. Settled, Refunded, Chargeback). You can identify the original day of sale from the Creation date column.

To validate if sales for a day have been completely paid out by Adyen, use a weekly and/or monthly report. By summing all 'Settled' payments for a particular creation date, you can validate that the total [settled in the report period] matches your own sales report, when they were settled, and in which batches.