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Required risk field reference

Learn which fields to include in your payments request to trigger risk checks

You include a variety of fields when you send in a payment request. Some of these fields are mandatory to make a payment, for example amount and reference. Other fields are not always required, think of shopperIP and shopperEmail.

To get the most benefit out of your risk configuration, we recommend that you collect and then send in as many fields as possible in your payment request. Doing this ensures that you trigger the risk checks, as these checks depend on specific fields being present in the request.

Extra fields for standard risk checks

The following is a list of API fields that are required for some of our standard risk checks:

Field Required for Checkout API /payments Classic integration /authorise
billingAddress billingAddress billingAddress
deliveryAddress deliveryAddress deliveryAddress
shopperEmail shopperEmail shopperEmail
shopperIP shopperIP shopperIP
shopperName shopperName shopperName
shopperReference shopperReference shopperReference
telephoneNumber telephoneNumber telephoneNumber

Extra fields for specific cases

The following table shows a number of API fields that you can use for specific risk checks or your own, custom risk setup.

Field Required for Checkout API /payments Classic integration /authorise
accountInfo.accountCreationDate Required if you want to use the creation date option for the shopper account age check. Although the accountInfo object is used for 3D Secure transactions, you can also use this object to include the accountCreationDate in your payment request.
accountCreationDate accountCreationDate
browserInfo Required for 3D Secure transactions, but you can also use this field in your custom risk rules or custom lists.
browserInfo browserInfo
deliveryDate Required if you want to use the time to delivery check, or if you want to use the field hoursToDelivery in a custom risk rule.
deliveryDate deliveryDate