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Managed Engagement

Collect or show information on the payment terminal using preconfigured flows.

Managed Engagement allows you to interact with customers on the payment terminal using predefined flows. After the customer has completed the payment, a preconfigured screen appears on the terminal. The predefined flows can be one of the following:

  • Collect input: the terminal shows a prompt to provide information like an email address, phone number, or postal code. The customer then enters the information on the (physical or on-screen) keypad of the terminal.

  • Receive feedback: the terminal shows a multiple-choice question or a Yes/No question, and the customer selects their answer on the terminal display.

  • Show a QR code: the terminal shows a QR code, for example, containing a link to download your app, or to sign up for your loyalty program.

Here are some examples:

Collect input:
Receive feedback:

We trigger these screens by sending Terminal API input and display requests to the terminal, similar to bespoke interaction on the terminal. The difference is that with Managed Engagement you don't implement the requests in your POS app. Instead, we configure an automated flow to send these requests from our platform, and you retrieve the results in your Customer Area.


Managed Engagement is not compatible with Adyen Giving (the donations feature).

To use Managed Engagement, you need to:

  • Have a local or cloud Terminal API integration.
  • Use one of the following terminal models:

    • P400 Plus
    • e280
    • e285
    • M400
    • V240M
    • V400C
    • V400M

  • Consider data privacy.
  • Process a CSV file with the results in your own back-end system.

Data privacy

Before storing any customer data, including payment data, you need to consider data privacy.

  • Consult your legal department or an accredited third-party company to understand the data privacy regulations of the countries that you operate in.
  • Ask for your customer's explicit permission to store their data, and be clear about what you intend to use it for. For this, you could use the Terms and Conditions on your website.

If the customer asks to remove their information, you can use our Data Protection API to remove any customer-related data that you have stored with Adyen. The API also enables you to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) right to erasure.

How it works

  1. You initiate a payment like you usually do.
  2. The terminal checks the Managed Engagement configuration on our platform.
  3. The customer completes the payment.
  4. The screen from your preconfigured Managed Engagement flow appears on the terminal display.
  5. If the screen asks for input or feedback, the customer responds on the terminal.
  6. The terminal sends any input or feedback to our platform.

    You don't receive a Terminal API response with the input or feedback.

  7. From your Customer Area, you download a report with the input or feedback for a given period.

Customize and enable Managed Engagement

  1. Contact your Adyen account manager and together decide:

    • The Managed Engagement flow to use.
    • The terminals to use. The display size is a factor to take into consideration.
    • The text to show on the terminal.
    • If applicable, the URL that the QR code needs to contain.

  2. Your account manager will ensure your specific flow is created and gets a unique reference number.

    In the future, you will be able to customize flows in your Customer Area.

  3. When you are ready to use the flow, ask your account manager to enable it.

Receive the customer's input

When a Managed Engagement flow shows a screen to collect input or receive feedback, we gather the results for you.

When a Managed Engagement flow shows a QR code, we have no way of telling whether the customer actually scanned the QR code with their device and clicked the link.

To download a report with the input and feedback that customers have provided on your terminals:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Reports and select Managed Engagement Flow Results.
  3. Select Generate report.
  4. Define and create the report:

    1. Select a date range.
    2. Select the reference number of the flow you want to receive results from.
    3. Select Generate report.

    A report in CSV format will download to your computer.

The report has the following details:

Column Description
Date Date and time the Managed Engagement flow was triggered.
flowReference Reference number of the Managed Engagement flow.
Merchant Account The merchant account that the Managed Engagement flow was processed on.
Terminal Model Model of the payment terminal used in the Managed Engagement flow. For example, V400m.
Unique Terminal ID POIID of the terminal. For example V400m-123456789.
Text Line 1 The header text shown on the terminal.
Text Line 2 If applicable, secondary text shown on the terminal.
URL If applicable, the URL contained in the QR code shown on the terminal.
Shopper Input Response provided by the customer.

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