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Shopper engagement

Interact with customers and personalize your offering.

Our Unified Commerce solution includes many point-of-sale features and online-payments features that enable you to interact with your customers, and personalize the engagement with customers. For example:

  • Bespoke interaction on the payment terminal: use the terminal to collect information from the customer, or to show information.
    For example, ask for consent (for example for storing personal details), collect personal details like email and phone number, show QR codes or marketing content, and more. To use the terminal in this way, you make Terminal API input requests and display requests from your POS app.

  • Loyalty: boost your loyalty program by turning a payment card into a loyalty card.
    Our tokenization feature lets you recognize members of your loyalty program based on payment details you receive in API responses from our platform.

  • Digital receipts: send point-of-sale customers a receipt by email or SMS instead of printing a receipt.
    This flow is based on recognizing existing customers from their payment request, and asking new customers for the email address or phone number to send the receipt to.

  • Donations: make donating at the checkout easier for you and your customers.
    Using our Giving feature, you can give customers the option to donate to a nonprofit of your choice as part of your payment flow. For implementation instructions, see Giving for online payments and Giving for point of sale.

  • Localization: present customers with relevant languages and local payment methods.
    Localization is a standard feature of your Adyen integration.

Data privacy

Before storing any customer data, including payment data, you need to consider data privacy.

  • Consult your legal department or an accredited third-party company to understand the data privacy regulations of the countries that you operate in.
  • Ask for your customer's explicit permission to store their data, and be clear about what you intend to use it for. For this, you could use the Terms and Conditions on your website, or you can use the payment terminal to interact with the customer.

If the customer asks to remove their information, you can use our Data Protection API to remove any customer-related data that you have stored with Adyen. The API also enables you to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) right to erasure.

The data in the Adyen dashboards is aggregated, and individual transactions relating to individual shoppers are not visible.

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