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Shopper experiences

Provide customers with flexible purchase journeys.

A purchase journey involves three parts: the order, the product or service, and the payment. With our Unified Commerce solution you can offer your customers a flexible and consistent experience, regardless of where they placed their order, where the product comes from, and where you accept their payment.

  • Endless aisle: let shoppers place ecommerce orders in your store.
    If a product is out of stock or not sold in your store, shoppers can order and pay for the product in your store and have it delivered to their home. This can involve a dedicated in-store kiosk with a tablet and a payment terminal, but there are various other setups possible.

  • Pay by Link: send your customers a payment link to complete their payment.
    Pay by Link is an alternative way to reach your customers in combination with your existing online payments integration. In addition to your web or in-app checkout, you can use Pay by Link to accept orders through channels like email, your call center, or social media.

  • Referenced refunds: offer the flexibility of cross-channel returns.
    On our unified payments platform, every payment has a unique reference. This reference allows you to keep track of payments and refunds, and to accept returns in your store regardless of whether the product was bought at the point of sale or online.

  • In-app and mobile cross-channel journeys: customers use your app or web store on their mobile device to place an order, and then collect the product in person. Or in your store or other physical location, customers complete the payment on their own using their mobile device, instead of going to the cash register.
    Some examples are:

    • Click and collect: customers make a purchase online, and pick up the product in a store.
    • Reserve and collect: the customer places a reservation online, and goes to the store or other physical location to make the payment and collect the product or service.
    • Table self-order and Close bill at table: at your restaurant or bar, customers use their own mobile device to order, and to pay their bill online.
    • Self-scan: in your store, customers use your app on their mobile device to scan product barcodes and pay online.

  • Pay anywhere in store: have mobile or alternative checkouts in and around the store.
    Using mobile Verifone or Android payment terminals, Pay by Link, or kiosks, you are no longer limited to fixed cash registers in the store. Pay-anywhere options can eliminate queues and reduce congestion in certain areas of a store.

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