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MarketPay payout report

Use this report to reconcile each sub-merchant's payout against debit and credit transactions.

About this report

This report is based on the time zone setting of your account.
See Downloading reports.

The payout report is only available for Automatic payouts.

The MarketPay Payout Report provides information about automatic payouts that were initiated within the day. The report also includes which account holders have been paid out and which transactions (both debits and credits) were part of the payout.

To get the transactions included in the payout for a particular account, filter the report using the Account holder, Account, and Currency columns. We generate one record row per account, per currency.

If an account has pending transactions (for example, a pending refund or chargeback), the amount is withheld from the payout amount. In such cases, the payout row of that account shows a non-zero rolling balance. The rolling balance is added to the balance of the next report, so you can use these reports to make a full reconciliation.

Report name format:  marketplace_payout_report_YYYY_MM_DD.csv
Subscription: Subscribe to this report in your Customer Area.
Frequency: Daily

Download a sample report

To get an idea of the kind of data that you will see in the MarketPay Payout report, you can download a sample report here.

Report structure

Column Description
Market Place Name of the MarketPlace account.
Account Holder The accountHolderCode. Defined by the MarketPlace when an accountHolder is created.
Account The virtual accountCode associated to the account holder.
Record Type The type of record included in a report.

Possible values:

  • Credited - Adyen received the funds and the balance is available in the MarketPay system. 
  • CreditedReversed - Adyen did not receive the funds and debits the original credited amount from the account.
  • CreditFailed - Booking for capture-failed.
  • PendingDebit - A refund was initiated (SentForRefund), but the funds have not been paid.
  • Debited - A refund is complete, and the account balance is adjusted accordingly.
  • DebitedReversed - Funds of the DebitReversedReceived are booked back into the virtual account's balance.
  • DebitFailed - Booking for refund-failed.
  • Chargeback -  A chargeback amount is deducted from the virtual account or MarketPlace's liable account. 
  • ChargebackReversed - A chargeback is reversed, and the funds are received and booked by Adyen back into the virtual account or MarketPlace's liable account.
  • FundTransfer - A fundTransfer is submitted from one virtual account to another.
  • Payout - A payout is complete from a virtual account.
  • VirtualAccountPayoutReturned - A payout could not be completed. For example, when the account of the card holder is closed.
  • TransferBalance - Aggregate amount of debits and credits to the liable account. This amount includes payment costs.
  • ManualCorrected - Manual booking or adjustment by Adyen.
Psp Reference PSP reference for the action in the MarketPay system.
Payment Psp Reference PSP reference of the payment in the PSP system/ Customer Area. Can be empty if the action is not payment transaction related.
Payment Merchant Reference Merchant reference provided on payment submission.
Capture Psp Reference PSP reference for modification requests, for example: capture, refund, chargeback.
Capture Merchant Reference Reference provided by the MarketPlace when requesting a modification. The value is <auto> when capture delay is set to immediate.
Payout Psp Reference PSP reference of a payout.
Chargeback Psp Reference PSP reference of a chargeback.
Booking Date Timestamp created when the booking is submitted.
TimeZone Timezone in which the report was generated.
Currency Currency in which the action was performed or in which the payment/payout/fundTransfer was submitted.
Amount Amount defined in the split item line in the payment or payout/fundTransfer request.
Rolling Balance Balance remaining in the account after the payout. This is usually 0, except when balance is withheld (for example, when there is a pending refund). The rolling balance is added to the next report's rolling balance.