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Reviewing payments

The manual review queue allows you to review payments, assign the cases to users, and accept or reject the payment.

Manual review is a feature of RevenueProtect. Contact Support Team for more information.

Access the manual review queue

You must first assign the Merchant Manual Review role to users who will review cases.

The manual review queue is available through the Customer Area:

  1. In the top navigation bar, point to Risk.
  2. Click Case Management.
    The page displays a list of payments under review
  3. Assigned or unassigned cases that are not closed (accepted or rejected) are listed under Open cases

Assign reviews

Assign reviews to specific reviewers to avoid duplicating or overlap of effort:

  1. Select the checkbox to the left of the PSP references of cases you want to review

    Actions are disabled until you select a case.

  2. Click Assign to.
  3. Search for a merchant account in the drop-down menu. Your own account will always be listed first.
  4. Select the account you want to assign to. 
  5. Click Confirm.
    The page will refresh and the name of the assignee will be listed under the Assigned to column. If a case is assigned to you, it will be listed under "My cases".

Accept or Reject payments

Manual review involves either accepting or rejecting payments:

  1. Select the checkbox to the left of the PSP references of case(s) you want to accept or reject.

    Accept or reject several payments at once by selecting multiple checkboxes.

  2. Click Accept to accept the payment(s). 
  3. Click Reject to reject the payment(s). 

Change the decision on past reviews

After a manual review has been submitted, you can change the result of the review. Once a decision is made on a case, the payment will disappear from the queue. You can modify the decision by looking up the payment in the Payments list and opening the Case Details page. Leave a clear comment regarding the change and undo any block/trust listing made in the previous review. 

To change the decision on a past review:

  1. Click the PSP reference of the payment in the case management list.
    The Case Management page opens
  2. Under Case Details, select the Manual Status drop down.
  3. Select either Fraud or Genuine.

If the transaction was cancelled due to a rejected review, this is a permanent decision that cannot be reversed.  However, it is still important to document the proper status for a manual review as, in future, reviewers can reference this status and decide to accept or reject payments.