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The Manual Review Interface

There are several sections in the Manual Review Interface, each with a unique function allowing agents to manually review transactions.

Actioning Widget

The Actioning Widget is where the agent takes action on the review. It has the following functions:

  • Accept the payment by clicking the check icon. After this, the Adyen payments platform performs a capture on the payment.

  • Rejecting the payment by clicking the X icon. After this, the Adyen payments platform cancels the transaction.

  • Flag the payment for further investigation by clicking the magnifier glass icon. A payment that is flagged for investigation is moved to the Under Investigation tab.

  • Add notes to the review for referencing later.

  • Information on what score or rule resulted in the transaction is being isolated for manual review.

Fraud Control Widget

The primary function of the fraud control widget is to allow the agent to add various user attributes from the transaction to Block and Trust lists. This allows for agents to quickly ensure that this customer is either trusted or automatically blocked in the future. This is particularly important in reducing friction for known, good shoppers. 

The following attributes can be added or removed from this widget:

  • Card/Bank Account Number
  • Shopper Email Address
  • Shopper IP Address
  • Card Holder Name
  • Passenger Name (airline specific)

There are other Block and Trust list types that are not accessible via this widget, but are accessible via the primary risk configuration menu in the Customer Area.

Payment Details Widget

The payment details widget gives a breakdown of key information about the transaction and the payment instrument used. Some key features to call out:

  • Links to search shopper reference, emails, and IP addresses across other payments. 
  • 3D Secure results, including a liability shift indicator. 
  • A link to the ShopperDNA for the shopper.

Scoring Widget

The scoring widget provides a breakdown of all the risk checks that triggered resulting in the transaction being set aside for review.


Vertical-Specific Data Widget

The vertical specific data widget displays data that is usually only required for certain businesses. For example, airlines may submit additional flight information associated with the transaction and e-commerce websites may include the payment and shipping address. 

Airline Specific Data

E-Commerce Address Data

ShopperDNA 'Oil Splash'

The Oil Splash is a visualization of the shopperDNA network associated with the transaction. This visualization is useful in provided a quick glimpse at the transaction history for the shopper. The full view of the shopperDNA is available via a link.