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SEPA/Klarna/Cartes Bancaires chargebacks


SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Direct Debit is a bank account-based payment method available across the Eurozone, which can be used for both ecommerce and recurring payments.

Unlike cards, SEPA does not have an additional authentication layer, such as a CVC check or 3D Secure. Consequently it is important to have good risk management tools in place to offset the threat of fraud.

SEPA chargeback can be received due to the following reasons:

  • Insufficient funds
  • Invalid Account Number
  • Cancelation by the Customer

A shopper can perform a chargeback online eight weeks after the purchase, with no questions asked. Therefore, no dispute management is available for SEPA. Moreover, SEPA can be charged back by the shopper even if a refund has already been carried out. This is due to the issuing bank, not taking the refund into account. And consequently it is risky to refund a SEPA transaction if there is an ongoing dispute with the customer.

Although dispute management is not available for SEPA, precautionary measures can help to prevent SEPA chargebacks.

Precautionary measures against SEPA chargebacks:

  • If you are a retailer, it is recommended to hold shipment for seven days, to avoid making a loss if the payment is unsuccessful.
  • Depending on your business model, consider a maximum transaction value for SEPA. A good indicator could be the average transaction value of your chargebacks.
  • Be sure to state clearly in your return/refund policy that refunds will take a few days. This will reduce the chance of a customer performing a chargeback in the meantime.


Klarna is a payment service provider offering a range of payment options, such as Open Invoice (Pay Later), "Slice It" and "Pay Now".

Klarna takes the full fraud risk, so shoppers cannot chargeback for fraud reason codes.

However, Klarna requires a certain set of rules about shipping to be met. Namely, the shopper is entitled to a refund if the delivery of the goods did not happen and goods were sent without using track and trace. If these rules are not followed, Klarna has the right to chargeback the payment.

If there are any inclarities around shipment, Klarna will directly contact you per email to ask for clarification.

Cartes Bancaires

Cartes Bancaires is the most widely used payment method in France, and can also be used to process on international networks.

Be aware that Cartes Bancaires chargebacks with reason code 45 (Fraud -Disputed transaction) are not defendable.

However, Adyen automatically defends Cartes Bancaires chargebacks for the 3 following reasons:

  • Past Chargeback Time Limit (> 400 days).
  • Credit previously issued (transaction needs to be refunded before the chargeback is issued).
  • 3D Secure Fully Authenticated Transaction.