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American Express chargebacks

Request for Information (RFI)

The American Express (Amex) chargeback process starts with a Request for Information (RFI). You can fulfill this request by uploading the necessary documents within 14 days. Each RFI has its own dispute reason, it can be either a fraud analysis, cardholder doesn't recognise charge, goods/services not received, etc.

Majority of the Amex dispute reason codes and compelling evidence are similar to the reason codes for Mastercard and Visa.

If an RFI is not fulfilled, it results in a chargeback where your account is debited and there is no option to defend.


In certain circumstances Amex debits your account without sending a Request for Information. For example, merchants with high enquiry rates (high chargeback levels) or those having a lot of fraud on their account and have a risky business environment. In those cases the transaction is charged back and there is no defense option such as uploading documents.

If you wish to dispute the chargeback, contact your account manager or the Adyen Dispute Team with all the valid transaction information within 14 days of receiving the chargeback. Adyen reviews the documents and contacts Amex if the chargeback is invalid. If the documents are insufficient and the charge is a fraud, Adyen does not proceed and you have to accept the chargeback.

For a list of American Express dispute reason codes, see Dispute reason codes.