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Chargeback Uploader

Chargeback Uploader allows merchants, who use non M-Level acquiring, to upload their chargebacks in the Adyen payments platform. This allows RevenueProtect engine rules to leverage this data, including ShopperDNA, risk calculator, case management, and reporting.

Note that the Chargeback Uploader does not allow for dispute management via the Customer Area. Merchants must still dispute chargebacks directly with their external acquirer.

Accessing the Chargeback Uploader

Chargeback Uploader is available via the Disputes section at the merchant level. Users with the Upload Chargebacks role assigned to their user account can access the upload tab.

Uploading chargebacks

While the Chargeback Uploader is available at the merchant level, note that chargebacks can be uploaded for any payments within that company. It is not necessary to upload chargebacks for each merchant account separately. 

The uploader accepts CSVs of 1,000 payments or less at a time. The following headers are required in the CSV:

Field Required Description
pspreference -white_check_mark- This is the pspreference number of the transaction that had the chargeback.
amount -white_check_mark- By default, the full transaction value is used for the chargeback. If a partial chargeback occurred, this field must be provided.
reason -white_check_mark- Provide more context on the chargeback. Include the scheme specific reason code, for example 4863 for `Cardholder does not Recognise - Potential Fraud`. For more information on reason codes, see Chargeback Guidelines. If left empty, the chargeback will be considered non-fraudulent. If the reason code is not known and you still want to flag the chargeback as fraudulent, send the value fraud and Adyen will map it to the correct reason code.

Possible error responses

Multiple errors can occur during upload. The following are the possible error responses and their cause:

  • The CSV file cannot be parsed.

  • The uploaded file is not a CSV file.

  • The uploaded file might contain a virus.

  • The user does not have permission to upload a chargeback file.

  • A user tries to upload a chargeback with a pspreference for a payment that is not for their company.

  • The pspreference is not in our system.

  • The chargeback amount is higher than the captured amount.