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Dispute process and flow

Learn how the dispute process works and review flow diagrams.

Dispute process

Before you defend a dispute, it is important to understand how the dispute process works.

The process can with:

  • Notification of Fraud - helps actively discover/prevent fraud activity from occurring. Not a dispute and no money is withdrawn from your account. However it is possible that this transaction can become a chargeback, especially if there is no liability shift due to 3D Secure.
    Suggested actions:

    • Actively review the NOF and proactively issue refunds (to avoid a chargeback).
    • Block the shopper.
    • Stop the shipment of goods if possible.
  • Request for Information - Issuer requests more information about the transaction. At this stage, no money is withdrawn from your account. However, if you do not respond to the Request for Information in a timely manner, a chargeback may take place, and money may be withdrawn from your account. For more information, check our FAQ.
    Suggested actions:

    • Provide the requested transactional information to the issuer.
  • Notification of Chargeback - A Notification of Chargeback (NoC) may follow a Request for Information (RFI), or occur immediately after the transaction payment status is set to Settled or Refunded skipping the RFI step. In most cases, a chargeback is a next step after a NoC. It usually occurs a couple of days after the NoC, and has a financial impact.

From there, the dispute continues through the following statuses:

  1. 1st Chargeback - The disputed amount was transferred to the shopper's account. If you accept the dispute, or fail to upload your defense documents, this is the final status.
  2. InformationSupplied - Adyen received the supporting documents and forwarded them to the scheme. It is no longer possible to change these documents.
  3. ChargebackReversed - The disputed amount was transferred to your account. The issuer is still reviewing the defense. If they accept, this is the final status.
  4. Pre-arbitration (Visa, Diners, and Discover only) - If the issuer declines your defense, they can open a pre-arbitration, which Adyen will review. 
  5. 2nd Chargeback - If the issuer declines your defense, or Adyen accepts their pre-arbitration case, a second chargeback occurs. You can not upload defense documents. This is the final status.

Dispute flow

All schemes have a dispute flow that is similar to either Mastercard or Visa. After a dispute is opened, it will move through the dispute flows described in the diagrams below.

The journal lines booked in the customer area reflect the different stages of the dispute flow. They indicate the current status of the dispute.