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Billing Address Does Not Match Card Holder Address (AVS)

This check fires when the user-provided billing address does not match their registered address.

This risk check is based on the issuer and may not be available for every transaction.

The settings for Address Verification Service (AVS) check screen allows you to set the minimum level of matching required for AVS checks, and whether an unknown response is permitted.

AVS is only supported on a limited set of acquiring connections and card types. For more information, see AVS. If AVS is not supported, this risk check is not performed.

Configuration Options

For both the postal code and address, there are three separate configuration options. They are in order of strictness:

  • Need to Match: When this is selected, the rule fires when the Match does not occur response, and Unable to perform check response is received.
  • Match or Unable to Perform Check: In this configuration, the rule fires only when a non-match response is received. 
  • No Need to Match: Under this configuration, the rule will not fire if a non-match response is received. This essentially turns off this check for this data point (address or postal code).

In some scenarios, Adyen receives back an Unknown error response. You can select to either allow or disallow transactions with this response.

The suggested implementation for this check is below: 

You should only configure this check more strictly if they want to be confident in an address match (not recommended).