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Fraudulent behaviour on payment page

This risk check initiates when the algorithm has detected behaviour in the card number and/or CVC fields that appear to be automated or scripted behavior.

Fraudsters employ various scripting techniques to test cards at high velocity. The algorithm behind this risk check analyses temporal, key-based, and mouse-based behaviour of users interacting with the payment fields. The primary risk vector this risk check is focused on is detecting high-velocity card testing scenarios.

This risk check is only available for merchants utilizing or Client-Side Encryption (Merchant hosted and Adyen hosted, version V0.1.12 or higher). It is not available for Client-Side Encryption (JavaScript only) and direct API integration types.

Configuration Options

There are two threshold levels for this check. This allows merchants to set different score modifiers depending on how likely the algorithm thinks the behaviour is fraudulent.

Interactions that meet a minimum threshold of suspicion triggers this check. Most interactions do not trigger either of these threshold level.