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Shopper Country Differs From Issuing Country

This risk check is triggered when a transaction has the shopper country different from the issuing country of the card.

This check is one of the most effective checks in stopping fraudulent transactions from occurring; the majority of fraudulent transactions occur when the shopper country differs from the issuing country. The scoring for this rule should be set based on the merchant's business model. An airline, for example, can expect to see more situations in which users are not in the country from which their card was issued. 

Configuration Options

A merchant can optionally configure certain country combinations to allow mismatches to occur. If these specific mismatches occur, the rule does not fire. This is best utilized when IP addresses are cross countries, such as in Belgium/France/Netherlands/Belgium. It's important to note the following:

  • The left side column represents the shopper country - the right side is the issuing country of the card. 
  • Note that you may need to provide two configurations for any country-pair. For example, a configuration with 'Belgium/Netherlands' and 'Netherlands/Belgium.'