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Transaction Time Check

This check fires when the transaction falls within one of the configured timeframes.

Most merchants notice that fraudsters tend to visit their site during certain parts of the day. It is not uncommon, for example, for fraud to spike during the night hours while legitimate transactions are limited. This flexible check allows merchants to specify any date-time timeframe and increase or decrease the risk score accordingly.

Configuration Options

In order to establish a timeframe, select the date and enter two concurrent times. For example, if you want to assign a score of 10 for transactions on Saturday between 10:15am and 2:30pm, select Saturday, enter From = 10:15", To = 14:30, Score=10, and click Add.

You can also define an interval across two days. To define Tuesday 10:30pm to Wednesday 2:00am, select "Tuesday", fill in "From = 22:30" and "To = 02:00".