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German SCHUFA Check

SCHUFA (Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung) is a German private credit bureau. Adyen's Risk management allows merchants with German SEPA transactions to check shoppers credentials against the SCHUFA database.

Some of data values are usually optional in payment requests (e.g. shopperName, birthDate, and billingAddress), but are required for this check to work properly. The shopperName and billingAddress fields are mandatory for the SCHUFA check, while providing gender and similar information is optional (though highly recommended). Submit all the required data fields to use this check and achieve a more accurate risk score.

Configuration Options

The risk check has several filters, so that you can target only high-value/high-risk transactions:

  • Transaction Euro amount: You can indicate an amount threshold, so that only SEPA payments above the specified threshold are checked. This field's value is measured in minor units.

  • Pre-authorization total risk score: Most risk checks run prior to the authorization request. Specify a threshold value for this field to initiate the SCHUFA check only when the pre-auth risk score exceeds this threshold value.

SCHUFA responds with a value associated with a shopper. The risk check allows you to specify two separate thresholds, with a corresponding risk score for each. If both are applicable based on the SCHUFA response, the highest of these scores is used for the risk check.

For example, in the given configuration a response of A or above is set to give a score of 10, while a response of E or above is set to give 20. With this configuration, a SCHUFA response of C returns an Adyen risk score of 10, while a response of M results in a score of 20.

SCHUFA Response Risk Score Riskiness
P 97.79% High
O 79.10%  
N 49.16%  
M 40.96% Medium
L 22.96%  
K 18.52%  
I 14.65%  
H 10.99%  
G 6.84% Low
F 4.11%  
E 2.67%  
D 1.80%  
C 1.36%  
B 0.92%  
A 0.44%  

Contact the Adyen Support Team to enable this check.