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Business Hours to Delivery

This referral list allows the merchant to make block and trust lists based on how close the transaction is to the delivery date (as measured in business hours). This can be used by airlines to calculate how far the transaction is to the takeoff time or by e-commerce merchants to correlate with express shipping.

The merchants must provide the delivery time value in the payment request.

This risk check is is based on the configured business hours and is similar to time to delivery check. This allows merchants in manual reviews to quantify risk based on the availability of their operations team to review the transaction. 

Configuration Options

  • You must indicate active hours during the day. 
  • You can submit thresholds in day, hour, or minute format. 
  • Each value can be given a specific scoring, negative to give it a trust value and positive to give it a block value.
  • In situations in which two different values match, the one with the highest score triggers.