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Shopper Account Age check

This check increases or decreases the fraud score depending on shopper account creation date. The shopper age can either be provided as part of the payment request (via the API) or the check can use the oldest transaction within the shopper’s ShopperDNA network.

Configuration options

  • There are three different configuration types for this check:

    • Use merchant-provided creation date: This uses the creation date provided as part of the transaction request. See Provide data for risk checks for more information.
    • Use the date of the oldest ShopperDNA transaction: This uses the timestamp of the oldest transaction in the ShopperDNA network of the shopper.
    • Use the oldest of the two: This uses the oldest of the two above, when applicable.
  • Merchants can establish thresholds of age in days, hours, and minutes. Both positive and negative scores can be provided.