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Shopper Reference Referral List

This referral list allows the merchant to make block and trust lists based on the specific Shopper Reference of the shopper. Note that the merchant must be submitting a shopper reference value in the payment request for this check to work properly.

See How do I add shoppers to a block or trust list? to know more.

The shopper reference is a unique identifier for a shopper, usually associated with their login identity. This allows the tracking of users across multiple sessions. It is common practice to establish a unique shopper reference for each guest transaction when the transactions are allowed without logging in.

Configuration Options

  • The score associated with the block list is established by the score associated with the rule in the main rule menu. 
  • The score associated with the trust list is established as a sub-setting.

The provided value must be an exact match of the shopper reference string contained in the payment request.