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Authorised Transaction Amount Velocity

This risk check initiates when the total transaction volume of a ShopperDNA Shopper exceeds a set threshold in a configured timeframe. It allows you to set a cap on what you expect good customers to spend in a given period, and identify outliers that may be committing fraud.

Use your average transaction value to spot fraudulent transactions. Fraudulent transactions are often significantly higher than the average transaction value, making it easy to identify at-risk transactions. This check identifies these transactions.

Configuration options

  • Establish various amount thresholds with individual scores for each. A single timeframe is established for the check.

  • The risk check fires on any transaction that results in the configured threshold being met. 

  • If multiple amounts meet the criteria for the check, the one with the highest score triggers.

The amount of the assessed payment is included in the check. Contact Support Team to enable this risk rule for recurring payments.