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Multiple Distinct Cards/Bank Accounts Used by Shopper

This risk check initiates when the number of payment methods a ShopperDNA Shopper has used in the configured timeframe exceeds the specified threshold.

The primary approach to most payment fraudsters is to attempt payment with as many compromised payment methods as possible. As such, fraudsters have a large diversity of unique payment methods associated with their shopper profile. This check is aimed at identifying users whose payment method diversity fits the profile of a fraudster. 

This risk check should be configured based on a merchant's unique fraudster profile. Different verticals and business models have a wide diversity of expectations on how many payment methods a legitimate user may use; this trend also varies significantly by region. For example In the United States, it is common for consumers to have 3 or more credit cards. Merchants should take care to analyze their fraudster and good-customer profiles in order to understand where to best configure this rule.

Configuration options

  • You can establish a threshold for both the number of unique payment methods and the timeframe allowed. The default is 2 times over 30 days.

  • The risk check fires on the transaction after the set threshold. So, if you set a threshold of 2 in 30 days, it fires after the shopper uses a third payment method in that 30 day period.