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Card/Bank Account Number Already Used by Other Shopper

This check fires when a the payment method for the transaction has already been used with a different Shopper Reference.

Fraudsters often create multiple accounts and attempt to use the same compromised account with different techniques and attack vectors. This check is aimed at identifying when a payment method is being used across multiple accounts. Note that there are some legitimate cases in which this would occur:

  • The user may have multiple accounts. 
  • It may be a shared card in a family or business setting. 
  • The shopper may attempt a transaction as a guest (assuming the merchant is assigning guests a shopper reference).
Contact the Adyen Support Team to enable this risk rule for recurring payments.

Configuration Options

  • By default, this check only cross-checks transactions within the same merchant account. The rule can be configured to assess all transactions across the merchants entire company account.