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How to use ShopperDNA

ShopperDNA can be utilized in two primary ways:

  • Rule creation: A large subset of rule type is built on top of the ShopperDNA logic. These represent the most impactful aspect of ShopperDNA, as merchants can largely automate their risk mitigation using these rules.
  • Visualization: The Customer Area includes several ways that merchants can view visualizations of ShopperDNA networks. These are particularly useful in the context of manual review.

Oil Splash

Oil Splash is a visualization available in the Customer Area, which displays a list of attributes contained within the ShopperDNA network. 

Key features include:

  • A breakdown of distinct email addresses, credit card numbers, and IP addresses for a shopper.
  • The ability to trace an attribute to the various transactions that used it. Click the attribute to view the transactions. 
  • A breakdown of payment statuses - refused, disputed, or authorized - for each attribute type. 
  • A table of all transactions in the oil splash, with customizable columns to see payment data.

The diagram displays an email address that has utilized different credit cards for many transactions: