Accepting payments

How can a payment be cancelled soon after an Authorisation?

How do I change the capture delay on my account?

How do I get access to the Adyen API?

How often are failed notifications resent?

Standard Notification Additional Data Options - HTTP POST

Standard notification additional data options - SOAP

What are possible notification refusal reasons?

What does the message "MERCHANT is not accepting notifications" mean?

What does the status Cancelled mean?

Why do I only receive notifications for card payments and not for other methods?

Why do I receive duplicate notifications?

Why do I get a 010 Not allowed response to my API call?

Can I use an encoding type (enctype) when submitting payments?

What happens if a payment is sent to Adyen incorrectly?

Can you explain the security used for Ecommerce integration?

Is my business eligible for using Level 2/3 commercial card data?

Are partial refunds possible?

Can I change or cancel a refund?

How can I retrieve the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN)?

How do I perform a refund?

How long are PayPal transactions refundable for?

My shopper used a giftcard but cancelled the payment. Are the funds automatically returned?

What does "Insufficient in-process funds on account" mean when refunding?

What does error message "Incomplete or Invalid Payment Details" mean?

What does the status RefundedReversed mean?

What do I do if a shopper has been refunded but they still have not received the funds?

What happens if a refund is issued to a closed card / account?

Why can't I refund a payment?


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