Point of Sale

I just received a terminal. Can I start taking payments right away?

What is the difference between a standalone and an integrated terminal?

Where can I find the one-time password?

How to board the terminal with the Adyen App?

What is the POS Terminal Fleet Manager (POSTFM)?

What are the network requirements to use Adyen terminals?

Which cards are accepted with the POS solution?

Where can I use Ayden’s POS solution?

What is the Adyen POS App?

Which devices support the Adyen POS App?

Do I log into the Adyen POS App with my Customer Area credentials?

Why do I get “Credentials Invalid” when accessing the Adyen App?

Where can I purchase a new Shuttle?

Where can I purchase my Verifone terminal or additional terminals?

I already have a Verifone terminal from another source. Can I install Adyen software on it?

Do I need to return the payment device to Adyen after I end my contract?

Where can I find the user manual for my terminal?

What does “System tampered” mean?

What do I do with a broken or defective terminal?

Can I accept contactless_NFC payments with a Verifone terminal?

Why does the terminal display “Network not connected”?

I have an exclamation mark (!) on my terminal display. What does it mean?

Is the data sent from the Verifone terminal to the Adyen platform secure?

Why is my payment cancelled after being authorized?

I want to integrate the Verifone terminal with my POS cash register or application. Is this possible?


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