Risk management

Can I automatically add cards involved in chargebacks to the blocked list?

Can I block shoppers from certain countries?

Do you provide risk management?

How can I remove a card from the blocked or card referral list?

How do I add a shopper to my trust or block list?

How do I block a credit card number or bank account?

How do I disable 3D Secure on my account?

How do I get updated about a Notification Of Fraud (NOF)?

How do I remove countries in the Shopper IP originates from high-risk country risk check?

How do I see my disputes / chargebacks?

What does the fraud score mean?

What do I need to do when I get a NOTIFICATION_OF_FRAUD message?

What is the Card number referral list?

What is the flow of a Chargeback / Dispute?

Where can I find more information about the risk checks that can be configured?

Why can't I defend a Cartes Bancaires dispute?

Why can't I refund a transaction for which there is a dispute?


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