Getting started

How to start processing payments with Adyen?

Sign up for a test account to choose an integration and start testing payments using our manuals. When ready request your account to go live from the Adyen Customer Area (CA) and upload all the requested documents.  

After your documents are approved our sales support will let you know that are ready to go live.

Create a testaccount

Sign up for a test account and ensure to enter account names (company account name and merchant account name) which you want to use in the live environment as these can’t be modified after they are set up. When you are ready to go live, request a live account form the
Adyen Customer Area (CA) start uploading all the documents to help us draft a contract. After your documents are approved, our sales will contact you and copy your account to the live environment.


After creating a test account, enter your details in the application form.

We ask for the following documents:

  • A recent company registration document
  • Passports or IDs from the authorized signatories and shareholders who have more than 25% of the shares.
  • A copy of your bank statement

While reviewing your website we check the following is present:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Refund policy
  • Contact page
  • Delivery page
  • Privacy policy

Technical requirements

Before your account can go live, it has to meet certain technical requirements. You can choose to complete these requirements during the application process.


After the application procedure is complete, we draft a contract in which you will find information on the pricing, deposit, and your business model.

Depending on the risk involved with your business model and the payment methods that are used, Adyen might hold funds in your deposit account to ensure that we can cover refunds and chargebacks if you are unable to. If we determine that a deposit is required during the application process, we will withhold a deposit amount from your payout until you reach the deposit requirement. You can also transfer the deposit requirement upfront to an Adyen bank account.


After your account is live, the admin user receives an email with login credentials. You can then access Adyen live environment and setup users and user roles for his team.

We recommend you to subscribe to system messages to be informed about updates. 

Changes on your live account

Make changes to your account.

Can I change the description that customers see on their bank statement?

A shopper statement consists of two main information: Payment description on the shopper's account

  • The merchant name (Beneficiary) and merchant city - These will always be included on the statement.
  • Description of the payment or as officially called the Dynamic Descriptor/Shopper Statement.

For Adyen Acquiring, a dynamic description provided in the shopperStatement field (provided in the payment request) can be appended to the merchantName field in Visa/MC auth and capture messages. We can set this shopper statement either on merchant account level, and may include dynamic fields such as the merchant reference or psp reference.

The length of the shopperStatement field for Visa/Mc is 25/22 respectively not leaving much room for dynamic data.

For iDEAL: We display the merchantReference + tradeName (your merchant name) by default.

If the merchantReference is too long the tradeName is not be visible on the shoppers statement. If a shopperStatement field is provided, this is used + the trade Name.

How do I add a new merchant account to my company account?

To  add an extra merchant account to your Adyen company account, email our sales support answering the below questions:

  • Does the new merchant account fall under the same legal entity as the existing ones?
  • What is the website URL?
  • Is the website selling the same kind of products as the websites linked to your other Adyen account?

I already have a Adyen POS account, how do I add an e-commerce account?

You can send an email to our sales support.

I would like to change my bank account on my account. How do I do this?

Send an email to our sales support providing a copy of the below form and your bank statement. 

For USA: ACH US bank account-1.doc

Rest: NewBankorPayPalAccount new 2014.doc

I want to close my account, how do I do this?

Go to Adyen Customer Area (CA) → SettingsClose company set a date on which you would like to start the account closure. As of this date, you will be unable to process transactions and we will stop charging you for our services.

You can still access your account for another to defend chargebacks, view/download the reports, and process refunds. After which the account is shut down permanently.

Adyen remains liable for chargebacks on credit/debit card payments and SEPA Direct Debit transactions, which is why the deposit as long as chargebacks can still occur. This deposit is automatically released 6 months after the last transaction.

Only users with admin rights can request a closure.

If you are not live yet use the test URL for customer area: Adyen Customer Area (CA).

POS (Point of Sale)

How do I register for POS and the Verifone terminal?

Sign up for test account to register your company with Adyen and provide the following documents:

  • A company registration document
  • A bank statement clearly showing IBAN and Holder name
  • A copy of the company director's passport or official identity card (front and back, no driving license)

If you are an existing e-commerce customer and would like to add POS to your account contact sales support.

How long does it take to receive my Verifone terminal after registering with Adyen?

After your registration process is completed successfully, Adyen checks your application and inform you via email after your registration is approved within one business day.
Your Verifone terminal is then shipped immediately and you should receive them within the standard shipping time.

Contact Adyen Support

Should you have any question or issue, feel free to contact our Adyen Support team. Adyen Support is located in our headquarters in Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, San Francisco and Singapore.

Contact us using:

Your call is automatically be redirected to a different office when outside of business hours. 

If you are a shopper and would like to know why you see Adyen on your bank statement, refer to Why do I see Adyen on my bank statement?

If you are a merchant ensure to the below information handy while contacting us:

1. Your Company or Merchant Account Code

The Company Account Code is the Account field you enter while logging the customer area. A company consists of one or more merchants so if your issue is specific to a merchant ensure you provide us the correct code.

Your Company Account Code typically is a shorter version of your business name.

2. Whether your problem is on our TEST or LIVE system

Your problem is most likely to be on our LIVE system, however if you are a setting Adyen up for first use you may be on our TEST system. 

3. Adyen PSP Reference (if applicable)

If your problem is specific to a payment then it should have a PSP Reference. This is a 16 digit number that starts with a 1 or 4 (on the LIVE system) or a 7 or 8 (on the TEST system). For example 1312553355451865. This reference number is unique and the best way for us to find your transaction.

If you do not have access to the Adyen PSP Reference provide your merchant reference, along with the date, time (including timezone), currency, and amount of the transaction. This also applies if your order/transaction has not yet become a payment in our system. Adyen recommends logging one support ticket per incident or question(s). This reduces the chance of error and makes it easier to find.