Step 1 - Create a test account

To start integrating with Adyen, you must have a test account. With a test account, you will be able to access the Customer Area, make test payments, and apply for a live account.

To request a test account, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the necessary details.

    Enter your company name correctly, as it is used as a Company Account code, which can't be modified after the setup.

  3. Click Request test account.

We review your request and send a decision email to you. If approved, you will get the credentials of your newly created test account.

If you are an existing Adyen customer and would like to add more products (for example, add Point of Sale to your integration), you don't need to create another test account. Instead, send your request directly to the Adyen Support Team.

Next steps

After you sign in to Customer Area with your credentials, you can continue with one of the following steps:


Can't find something you are looking for? Look at our FAQ for answers or send an email to support.