Step 5 - Test your integration

Before your account can go live, you must thoroughly test your integration with the Adyen platform.

When testing, we recommend you keep in mind the following:

  • Initially, your account operates in test mode. After you notify Adyen that you are ready to push your account to live, we copy your test account along with all settings to the live environment.
  • Adyen supplies you with specific test card details to make test payments. For more information, refer to Test card numbers.
  • While performing test transactions, test all the payment methods you want to use in your live account. For details on each test payment, sign in to the Customer Area and explore the Payments section.
  • If you are using local payments methods or hosted payment pages, make sure that a corresponding skin is configured properly. For more information, refer to Skin.
  • Expose notification endpoints on your server and make sure that they properly accept notifications from Adyen. Go to the CA and specify notification details on the Settings >  Server communication page.
  • Depending on your integration type, your back office may connect to a shopper's client side and to the Adyen platform. Before going live, make sure that all these connections use secure channels and are implemented properly.

For testing POS integration, see also the POS test cards page.

Next step

After you finish testing your integration, contact Adyen to inform that you are ready to go live.


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