Point of Sale

Getting Started - POS

I just received a terminal. Can I start taking payments right away?

No. You must first board your Verifone terminal to your Adyen account before you can start processing transactions. You can board the terminal using a one-time-password or via the Adyen app.

What is the difference between a standalone and an integrated terminal?

A standalone terminal can take transactions without using the Adyen app or POS cash register. Integrated terminals need a cash register to operate (example, Adyen App). Please contact possupport@adyen.com if you would like to enable standalone mode on your Verifone terminal.

Where can I find the one-time password?

If you have access to the POS Terminal Fleet Manager, you can click on the serial number of your registered terminal to view the one-time password. If you do not have these permissions, please contact your admin to look up the one-time password for you.
If you still encounter difficulties, please call our POS support line to provide you with the specific security code for your device. Have the terminal present and connected to the Internet when you call. You will be asked to provide your merchant account and terminal serial number to the support engineer.

How to board the terminal with the Adyen App?

Please review the "Boarding the terminal" section on the User Manual corresponding to your Verifone model. The User Manuals are available in the following link: https://docs.adyen.com/developers/pos-user-manuals

What is the POS Terminal Fleet Manager (POSTFM)?

The terminal fleet management (TFM) system is a web-based solution used for monitoring and configuring your registered terminals from anywhere.
In this section you can view,

  • Transaction list: A list of transactions performed via this terminal.
  • Terminal: Model, serial number, merchant account it is registered to, and one-time password.
  • Software: Adyen application (firmware version), daily restart hour of the terminal.
  • Settings:
    • Maximum and minimum amounts the terminal will accept
    • Supported card brands and currencies
    • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) capabilities.
    • Standalone capabilities and settings.
  • Interface:
    • Location, country, language, and time zone of the terminal.
    • Logo on display screen
    • Signature: if needed, accepted on paper receipt or screen.
    • Receipt: header, footer, and print properties
    • Contactless capabilities, limits, and settings 

Adyen's POSTFM system is accessible via Adyen Customer Area (CA). Each user with POSTFM access can view and (depending on roles and permissions) edit a subset of the terminal configuration for a group of terminals or individual terminals.
To access the POSTFM you must have the POS Terminal View role in order to access. Please request this permission from your admin. Additionally, admin users can view and edit terminal configurations through the POSTFM. For more advanced settings, please have your admin contact possupport@adyen.com and we will advise and assist with your request.

What are the network requirements to use Adyen terminals?

For network requirements please consult the following documentation:

Which cards are accepted with the POS solution?

Cards from Visa (including VPay) and MasterCard (including Maestro) schemes are accepted. We also accept JCB, CUP, Diners/Discover, and BCMC. American Express is currently supported for the following countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • France
  • Finland
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United States

Where can I use Ayden’s POS solution?

Currently, we support Point of Sale payments in:

  • United States
  • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom

Adyen App

What is the Adyen App?

The Adyen app is a free application for your smartphone or tablet that allows you to board your Verifone terminal to your merchant account. You can also use the Adyen app as a cash register to enter transaction amounts to be sent to the terminal, where the shopper enters their card and completes the transaction.

You can download the Adyen app for free from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Where do I get the App?

You can download the Adyen app for free from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Which devices support the Adyen app?

The Adyen App is supported on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. For iOS, the most recent two versions are supported. For Android the minimum required version is 4.0

Do I log into the App with my Customer Area credentials?

No. To log into the Adyen App you need different credentials, these are:
Merchant Account: Unique name identifying your store in our system. Some companies have multiple merchant account so make sure to use the one to which your terminal is/will be boarded.
Username: This is your web service user name (it usually begins with ws_).
Password: POS password for your web service username.
If you don't know your credentials please reach out to your administrator. If you are an administrator you can create web service users and/or reset their POS password via the Customer Area.

Why do I get “Credentials Invalid” when accessing the Adyen App?

Several things can cause this message to be displayed, the most common causes are:
1. The credentials are indeed invalid. Check for spelling mistakes and keep in mind that credentials are case sensitive.
2. The credentials are correct, but the web service user doesn't have permission to execute POS transactions. In this case contact your administrator or possupport@adyen.com to get the proper roles assigned.
3. The credentials are valid and the user has the proper roles, but you are running transactions against our TEST platform then you will need to append ":0xfacefeed" to the username, otherwise you will get credential errors.


Where can I purchase a new Shuttle?

Adyen no longer sells Shuttle devices and is phasing out support for these terminals. If you'd like to continue using the shuttle, please have a look into solutions for small businesses provided by our partner, Payleven (https://payleven.nl/)

Where can I purchase my Verifone terminal or additional terminals?

If you do not yet have an Adyen Merchant account, please sign up on our website.
If you are an existing customer of Adyen, already signed a Merchant Agreement and have an active Adyen Merchant account you can order our terminals in the following way:
1. Visit our webshop, where you can find all our available terminals and accessories.
2. If you are an account/sales managed Merchant you can order through your contact person from Adyen.

I already have a Verifone terminal from another source. Can I install Adyen software on it?

No. In order to use the Adyen platform and Adyen software, you must purchase the terminal through us. Our terminals are fully certified and prepared with optimized software and firmware.

Do I need to return the payment device to Adyen after I end my contract?

No. The terminal becomes your property after you buy it, therefore you do not need to return it.

Where can I find the user manual for my terminal?

The user manuals are available here https://docs.adyen.com/developers/pos-user-manuals

What does “System tampered” mean?

System Tampered means the terminal hardware has failed and the terminal must be replaced.
For Verifone terminals, if it is still covered under the one-year warranty, please follow the instructions in the following replacement-form-verifone.pdf to order a replacement.
For Shuttles, please look into the Verifone solutions we offer on our webshop, or alternatives for small/medium businesses offered by our partner Payleven. Adyen no longer sells Shuttle devices and is phasing out support for these terminals.

What do I do with a broken or defective terminal?

Contact your 1st-line support partner to troubleshoot the issue and do triage on your terminal. With basic troubleshooting 80% of the issues can be solved. Please look at the user guides for more information

If the damage can’t be repaired and the terminal needs to be replaced then follow the below guidelines:

For Verifone terminals, if you are covered by the Terminal Replacement Service or your terminal is still under the 4-month warranty, please follow the instructions in the following replacement-form-verifone.pdf to order a replacement. 

Note: If after inspection Adyen determines that there was no Terminal Replacement Service agreed, or if the damage on the terminal is caused by careless use, Adyen has the right to charge you the costs of the replacement terminal plus shipment costs.

For Shuttles, please look into the Verifone solutions we offer on our webshop, or alternatives for small/medium businesses offered by our partner Payleven. Adyen no longer sells Shuttle devices and is phasing out support for these terminals.

Can I use my own logo on the terminal?

Yes, it is possible to replace the standard Adyen logo with a custom logo. This can be done via the Customer Area.
1. Select "Point-of-Sale" from the menu. If you do not see this option then your user account doesn't have enough permission to customize logos, reach out to your administrator if that's the case.
2. Go to Account Configuration > Interface. You will be presented with a number of upload fields to upload logos for different terminals. Take note of the size in pixels and required image format (displayed in light grey letters below the 'choose file' button)

Can I accept contactless_NFC payments with a Verifone terminal?

Yes, contactless payments are possible on all Verifone terminals. Each country has a specific limit to the transaction amount before additional verification is needed (i.e. PIN or signature).



NFC CVM limit



25 EUR



25 BGN



100 HRK


Czech Republic

500 CZK



200 DKK



25 EUR



25 EUR



25 EUR



5000 HUF



3500 ISK



25 EUR



25 EUR



25 EUR



200 NOK



50 PLN


Republic of Ireland

30 EUR



100 RON



15 EUR



40 CHF



50 TRY


United Kingdom

30 GBP



20 EUR

Asia Pacific


100 AUD

Asia Pacific

Hong Kong

300 HKD


United States

25 USD

Why does the terminal display “Network not connected”?

This means the terminal is not able to connect to the Internet and therefore cannot process online payments or communicate with your POS system. For instructions on how to connect your terminal to the network, please check the User Guide corresponding to your terminal model.

I have an exclamation mark (!) on my terminal display. What does it mean?

An exclamation mark (!) means that there is transaction data remaining on your terminal that needs to be uploaded to the Adyen platform. Please check your Internet connection. When your terminal goes online, it will sync with our platform and the ! will disappear once the data is uploaded.

Is the data sent from the Verifone terminal to the Adyen platform secure?

Yes, all data on the terminal is encrypted.

POS Payments

Why is my payment cancelled after being authorized?

Authorized payments can still result in cancellations if there is a problem during the last steps of the EMV process. For instance, if after authorization the terminal is unable to print the receipts (e.g. printer runs out of paper) the terminal will cancel the transaction. To have a better understanding about the cancel reason you can check the payment details in the Customer Area, under "Events".

POS Libraries and Quick Integrations

I want to integrate the Verifone terminal with my POS cash register or application. Is this possible?

Yes, you can integrate your own POS system with Adyen. This can be done in two ways, either by using the Quick Integration suitable for App to App (iOS and Android) or Web to App; or using one of our libraries (includes Windows, C and COM extension integrations). For details on each of this options please refer to our development manuals https://docs.adyen.com/developers/pos-developer-manuals
If you would like to do a library integration, please contact sales@adyen.com. Provide them with a thorough description of your business plan and a request for the POS library integration.