Notifications for POS merchants

The Merchant back-end receives notifications from the Adyen platform. This includes reports on the outcome of transactions, refunds, creation of recurring contracts, etc. 

For offline transactions the pspReference is generated by the Adyen platform and sent to the Merchant in a notification. This value should be stored in the Merchant back-end for use in Refunds. 

Notifications are used to report the outcome of refund requests. Refunds are processed asynchronously by the Adyen platform. Refunds requests are received and a response confirms the receipt of the request. In the rare event a refund can not be processed, contact Adyen and, if possible, the shopper to find an alternative way of refunding the shopper.  

Notifications are also sent out when a report is generated. This way report retrieval can be automated from the Merchant back-end system.

For more information on Notifications in general see the payment notifications page. 


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