Admin menu - e315

Access the admin menu

For devices up to and including version 1.11:

  1. Press   +   +  +
  2. Enter the admin PIN.

For devices with version 1.14 and higher:

  1. Press 1 + 5 + 9.
  2. Enter the admin PIN.

Main Menu

Menu Option
Transactions Opens the Transactions page, listing all transactions made.
Show Config

Shows the current configuration, including App version, EOS version, OS version, PAL URL, Firmware URL, CVM limit, CTLS Firmware. Allows you to review hardware settings, such as whether ICC, MSR and CTLS are enabled.

Submit Captures

Submits pending captured transactions to the Adyen platform.

Installer Opens the installer framework menu. The installer framework allows you to download and install firmware packages directly from the Adyen platform. The Installer runs at midnight and fetches updates to your PED's firmware.
Update configuration Tries to download the device configuration from the Customer Area.
Wipe configuration

Wipes the current configuration from the PED.

Once completed, the device will need to be re-boarded.

Update firmware Download new firmware from the server.
Reboot Reboots the terminal.

Installer menu

Menu Option

Run the installer immediately, rather than waiting until midnight.


Download the release.json file containing latest release information. This will retrieve and install the release we have configured for you on the Adyen platform.

delete_packages Delete all packages installed so all packages will be re-installed on the next run.

Delete the release release. This will delete the release that has been pushed and install a firmware default.

show_release View the latest available release. This will show which packages the installer will try to install when it runs.
show_packages View packages installed. This will show the packages installed and the status of each. For example, download errors per package can be viewed here.


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