Pricing & Interchange+

E-commerce Pricing

Our pricing consists of the following:

  • A processing fee - The processing fee is 0.10 cents per transaction with a minimum of 1000 transactions a month, regardless of the fact whether 1000 transactions were actually processed. This means that the transactions costs will be at least € 100,- each month. The processing fee goes down if you have more transactions.
  • Commission - The commission is different for each payment method, for some payment methods, like iDEAL, Sepa Direct Debit, and Sofort we use a blend fee, for others we use Interchange++ pricing. You can find our full price list here.


For Visa and Mastercard we use an Interchange++ pricing which consists of the following:

  1. Scheme fee - This is a fee charged by the card schemes.

  2. Interchange - This is a fee charged by the banks which issue the card. The fee is based on several parameters like issuer country and merchant country. You can find the applicable fee on the website of Visa and Mastercard. 

  3. Mark-up - Our markup starts at 0.6% but goes down depending on the volume.

Within Europe, the total Interchange++ fee will usually be around 1.1%

POS pricing

For POS, we charge a processing fee + commission per transaction with a monthly minimum of €20. You can see the full list here.