Report RSS feed

If you need up-to-the-minute, real-time information on your payment traffic, refusal rate and fraud scores, you can subscribe to a reporting RSS feed. You can access the RSS feed content from any RSS-capable application like an email client, a web browser or a dedicated RSS reader.

You can create a separate user to consume the RSS report. For this user the Merchant Rss feed role needs to be active.

RSS feed fetching

You can fetch the reporting RSS feed from the URLs below.

[yourMerchantAccountName] and  [yourCompanyAccountName] are placeholders: replace them with your Adyen merchant account and company account user names, respectively.

Merchant level account[yourMerchantAccountName]/

Company level account[yourCompanyAccountName]/

If you use the company account, the RSS feed fetches all transactions aggregated at the company level. RSS feeds are available in the Customer Area as well: when you see the RSS icon , click it to import the RSS feed directly into your browser.

Currently, Adyen offers two reporting RSS feeds:

RSS feed Description


Number of payments (authorised, refused and total) per hour during the past 24 hours.


Yesterday and the day before yesterday total amount of authorised payments per currency, transaction amount, and average transaction value.


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