Settlement detail report transaction lines

Each transaction is represented by an entry. Each entry is on a separate line in the report. Each transaction line in the report describes the status of the transaction, and the reason why it was included in the settlement batch. For example: Settled or Refunded.

TestCompany,TestMerchant,1813702551707653,3vpzf7,visa,2013-06-03 11:26:49,CET,Settled,1713702551795048,GBP,,5.00,1,GBP,,4.88,,0.04,0.01,0.07,visaclassic,,,,,,,,,
TestCompany,TestMerchant,1313642467023511,324959451,visa,2013-03-26 22:37:26,CET,Chargeback,2313642467170922,EUR,349.99,,1,EUR,357.49,,7.5,,,,visaclassic,,,,,,,,,


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