Shopping Frequency

This check fires when a set threshold of transactions-per-shopper is met in a given time period. Unlike other velocity checks, which are based on a single matching attribute, there are multiple attributes used to quantify a shopper for this check.

Configuration Options

  • Merchants can establish a threshold for both the number of transactions and the timeframe allowed. The default is 5 times over 90 minutes.
  • The risk fires on the transaction after the set threshold. So, if you set a threshold of 5 in 90 minutes, it fires on the 6th transaction in the 90-minute period preceding the transaction. 
  • The following data types can be used with this check:
    1. Device Fingerprint: Device fingerprinting is a technique used to identify shoppers by making a fingerprint of their device/browser. In most cases, the fingerprint is unique for each device/browser. It is the same only if shoppers have exactly the same browser, same settings, same plugins, etc. Contact support to inquire about having device fingerprinting enabled on your account.
    2. Persistent Cookie: A persistent cookie is a unique identifier stored in different places on the shopper's device. This persistent cookie is extremely hard to remove by the shopper, and can even work cross-browser. To enable persistent cookie tracking on your account contact Support Team.
    3. Shopper IP
    4. Shopper Email Address
  • Each data type selection increases the required number of attributes that need to match to consider two transactions coming from the same shopper.


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