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Add a new user

Learn how to set up a new user for the Customer Area.

Before you begin

To add new users, you need to have a user for the Customer Area that has:

When you first sign up with our platform, you receive an initial admin user for the Customer Area. This credential can be used when initially creating users.

Set up a new user

  1. Sign in to the Customer Area using your company-level account.

  2. Navigate to Account > Users.

  3. Click Add new user.

  4. In the User Account Details pane: 

    1. Set User type to User

    2. Enter a username and a password for the new user. 
      You need to share these with the new user, so that they can log in to the Customer Area.
    3. Set the time zone.
  5. In the Contact Information pane, enter the user's title, name and email.

  6. In the Roles and Associated Accounts pane, use the toggles to select user roles to apply to the user, and a company account to associate it with.

  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
  8. Share with the new user the following:

    • the name of your company account 
    • the username and password that you set in step 4b. 

    The new user needs to use these credentials to sign in to the test Customer Area, set a new password, and verify their email address.

To set up another user with the same rights, click the Duplicate icon next to this user in the User List under Account > Users.

Video tutorial

To learn how to set up a new user and assign user roles, you can also watch a video here:

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