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Get started with Adyen

This guide shows you how to start accepting payments in your webshop, app, or store. The key steps are below, split into business (legal and commercial) and technical (integration and testing) flows. To make the application as easy as possible, our Support Team is here to help at any step of the journey.

The steps from creating a test account until completing your live account application typically take about a week. Some business and technical steps can be completed in parallel. 

It is possible to do the business steps prior to the technical steps, but not advised to do the technical steps prior to the business steps in case there are any issues with your application.

Step 1: Create a test account

The fastest way to start with Adyen is by creating a (free) test account. With this, you will be able to:

  • Access the test Customer Area.
  • Apply for a live account.
  • Integrate with Adyen.
  • Make test payments.

You can request a test account here:

Following your test account request, you will receive login credentials, and we will reach out to you to discuss your needs.

Step 2: Apply for your live account

Find out how to apply for a live account, sign the contract, and go live. 

Fill out application form

In the Customer Area, you can apply for a live account in Home Fill out application.

Make sure that you have the following documents ready to upload during the application:

  • A company registration document (chamber of commerce extract or articles of incorporation).
  • A copy of your bank statement that includes the account holder name, account number and logo or name of your bank.
  • A valid passport or official identity card (not a driver's license) from the person signing the contract and from shareholders who, directly or indirectly, have 25% or more of the shares or voting rights. Note that the MRZ code needs to be clearly visible. The personal identification number can be blurred. 

In addition to filling out the application, make sure the following are clearly stated on your website or in your app:

  1. Terms and conditions, which should include: a description of the product or service that you sell, if you do subscription based or instant payments, legal entity name, description of third parties that provide the service or product (if applicable).
  2. Privacy policy, which should include a description of which data is being stored and/or used with third parties, and your cookie policy.
  3. Delivery information, which should include in how many days the product or service will be delivered to the shopper and to which countries you ship your product.
  4. Refund policy, which should include if and in how many days a shopper can return the product or cancel the service and what the process of returning/cancellation is.
  5. Contact information, which should include legal entity name, email, and phone number so shoppers can contact you in case of questions and/or issues.
  6. Checkout and payment process information, which should include:
    • A mention of your company legal entity name, trading name (if applicable), company registration number, and company location. This information should be clearly visible on the website and during the full checkout and payment process. 
    • A checkbox that says, "I agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Refund and Cancellation policy," with hyperlinks to the related documents. Shoppers must select the checkbox to accept this statement before they can proceed to their payment.

Data security attestation form, contract and go live

After we have received your application and reviewed your website, we will send you a data security attestation form to fill out. Once we have accepted your application and reviewed your website, we will send you a contract in which you will find confirmation of the pricing and commercial terms.

We email the attestation form and contract via Docusign  to the person mentioned as "authorised signatory" in the application form. This person can electronically sign and return the contract to us.

Once we have received a signed contract, your admin user (the one that created the test account) receives an email with login credentials to your live account. Your test account remains valid.

Step 3: Integrate with Adyen

Find out how to integrate and test your integration. 

Online payments

While you wait for a live account, you can start integrating by using your test account. However, you may wish to wait for the result of your application to be confirmed first.

Links to our key integrations can be found below:

Point of sale

To integrate your point-of-sale system with Adyen, you will need a POS merchant account and access to the Customer Area. This will allow you to access our libraries and order terminals.

Once you have your POS merchant account, read the tutorial on how to integrate your POS software with Adyen.

Test your integration

Test your integration before you start accepting payments:

Step 4: Configure your live account

When your contract is signed, your admin user (the person who created the test account) will receive credentials to access your live account and you can configure this to process live transactions. We strongly recommend to thoroughly test your integration and different payment methods.

In order to process live transactions on your website or in app; the following configurations will need to be done:

  • Set up payment notifications. For more information, refer to Notifications.
  • When using HPP: publish your skin(s) to live. For more information, refer to Publishing the skin to live.
  • If you would like to make use of 3D Secure, note that the enrollment for 3D Secure takes a maximum of one week. Within that time, you will not be able to offer 3D Secure to your shoppers. For more information, refer to 3D Secure.
  • Make a live payment yourself and check if this payment is processed correctly.

If you are integrating with point of sale, you can order terminals by contacting Support Team.