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Submit modifications in your Customer Area

Create and upload input files for batch processing of payment modifications.

If you require batch processing of payment modifications, the Customer Area offers the easiest way to get this done. Based on a simple CSV input file that you upload, the Customer Area will help you to complete missing details and fix errors in the input file. The Customer Area is able to help you with the following modifications:

  • Capture
  • Cancel
  • Refund
  • Cancel or refund

Before you begin

To be able to submit files in the Customer Area for batch processing of modifications, you need to have the following roles:

  • Merchant submit batch modifications
  • Merchant manage payments role

If you need to process modifications for multiple merchant accounts, contact our Support Team to enable this for you.

To receive updates on the outcome of modifications, set up webhooks.

Create an input file

To provide details of the payment modifications you require, you need to prepare a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file as per RFC 4180 (with some exceptions), saved in UTF-8 format.

To create a valid CSV input file, keep to the following rules:

  • The file does not contain a header row.
  • Each modification is a separate record, on a separate line.
  • All records contain the same fields.
  • The records do not contain empty fields (null values).
  • The file does not contain more than 6000 records.
  • Each record can contain the following fields:
Field Required Description
Merchant account The merchant account that you want to process the modifications for.
PSP reference -white_check_mark- The PSP reference of the payment you want to modify.
Modification Type of modification. Allowed values: authoriseReferral, capture, cancel, refund, or cancelOrRefund.
Amount Transaction amount of the modification, in minor units. For example, if you want to refund GBP 10, specify a value of 1000.
For cancelOrRefund we will always refund the full amount, no matter which value you provide here.
Currency Three-letter currency code.
Reference Your unique reference for the modification.
  • If you don't provide a Merchant account, we use the name of the account you're uploading the input file from.
  • If you don't provide the Modification, Amount, or Currency, you can use the Customer Area to add these fields. However, that would set the same value for all records.

Upload modifications

  1. Create a CSV input file containing at least the PSP references of the payments you want to modify.

  2. Log in to your Customer Area.

  3. Switch to your merchant account.

  4. Go to Finance > Batch modifications.

  5. Select Upload File, then select your CSV input file and select Submit.

  6. Under Review Batch check for any errors:

    • If there are no errors, you'll see an overview of the batch, with the number of modifications and their total value.

    • "Incomplete data": all records in the input file are missing one or more fields.
      You can add the missing fields in the input file and then upload the file again.
      Or you can add the missing fields in the Customer Area, as described in the next step.

    • Other errors: fix the input file based on the error description, and upload the file again.

  7. To fix an Incomplete data error by adding missing fields in the Customer Area:

    All records will get the same value for the added field.

    1. Select the + button. A dialog appears.
    2. In the Column field, select the field that is missing from the records.
    3. In the Fixed Value field, select the value to assign to the field, or enter an amount in minor units.
    4. Select Add Column.
    5. Repeat as needed if more fields are missing from the records.
  8. Select Upload.
    The batch file is QUEUED, and then PROCESSED.

Check the result

After the batch file has finished processing, the status changes to COMPLETED. You can download the batch result file to check the result messages for the individual modifications. A result message can be green or red. Green (successful) means that the modification passed the validation. However, processing the modification can still fail.

The validation of modifications consists of checks like the following:

  • Is the amount to modify not higher than the authorised amount?
  • Are there remaining funds in the payment to refund, capture or cancel?
  • Does the merchant account have the funds to refund the transaction?

If a modification passes the validation, we mark the modification as successful and try to process it. If the modification then fails, we inform you asynchronously through a webhook.

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