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Payouts and Payments

Combine payment processing with Adyen’s payouts service.

Adyen offers a payouts service in combination with processing online or in-person payments. However, the payout may or may not be directly related to an acquired payment. The payout may also be completely standalone to any third-party beneficiary. For example, to your supplier or partner.

By combining payment processing and payouts, you can:

  • Onboard your legal entity: Set up your legal entities for different regions or brands.
  • Fund your payouts: Use funds acquired through payments with Adyen or externally transferred funds.
  • Pay out and transfer funds: Decide when and how your users are paid, on demand.

Supported countries

You can use the payout service if your business entity operates in any of the following countries.

Region Countries
Europe Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain
North America United States

Supported currencies

Adyen supports paying out to beneficiaries in local currencies. For example, USD is supported in the United States and AUD in Australia. Besides local currencies, we also support:

For more details about payout countries and currencies, see Pay out to third parties.