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Import data from another payment provider

Migrate your payments existing data to the Adyen payments platform.

If you have previously used a different payment provider, you may want to import your old payments data to the plataforma de pagamentos da Adyen to maintain the history of payment activity for analysis.

We do not charge for migrating payment data. Because of technical and compliance complexity, migrating payment data usually takes 10 days or more.

Before you begin

Migrating payments data requires you to:

  1. Adjust your technical processes so tokenization and recurring charge processes can be performed at two different payment service providers (PSP).

  2. Decide on an internal shopper reference to use as the Adyen shopperReference.

    Adyen uses a reference to the shopper rather than the payment details for tokenization.

  3. Contact your current PSP and check if you can use the internal shopper reference you have chosen. If not, choose one of their IDs to link with your Adyen shopperReference.

  4. Check their preferred method of transferring files to Adyen.

    • If they can export the data in the required format, contact Support Team. We will create a custom PGP key which will speed up your card import process. For more information on required formats, see recurring payments details and referral lists.

    • Otherwise, ask your old provider to encrypt the file format with the Adyen PGP key so that Adyen can perform custom manipulation of the file format afterwards.

Import card details

Once all the above has been done, the card import process can begin. We recommend dividing the migration into three stages:

  1. Switch all new tokenizations/sign-ups to Adyen, but keep the recurring charges for old customers at your old provider.

    If this is not possible, you will need to migrate tokens. New tokens may still be created with your current provider while you are migrating and switching recurring to Adyen. If so, contact your provider and request the tokens created in the interim.

  2. Request the export of the card details from your current provider and send them to Adyen for import. 

    Ensure you format the CSV as described in Import payment details for recurring payments and Import data into referral lists. Import files can contain either recurring or referral data. To import both types of data, create two separate files.

  3. Proceed to switch the charge process for old customers over to Adyen.

Now your migration is complete, and you're ready to process payments with Adyen.